Seaforth High School

Carolina Civilworks was contracted by New Atlantic to perform the water & sewer work on the new Seaforth High School project for the Chatham County Board of Education. Being that no City or County sewer was available, the biggest aspect of this project was the sanitary sewer system which not only treated & stored wastewater on-site, but also re-used some for irrigation of the athletic fields. Other features included a 7AC spray field and off-site water line work to connect to an existing main on US-64.

Seaboard Station Blocks A&C

CCI was selected as the site utility contractor for Clancy & Theys on both the Block A and Block C projects at the Seaboard Station shopping center. Our scope of work included extensive water, sewer & storm drain upgrades in and around the 2 new multi-family buildings and hotel. Also included were underground detention / sand filter structures at both Blocks. The Block A utility work also involved painstaking upgrades in the middle of Peace Street & several intersections. Detailed planning, communication & close coordination were instrumental in making this project a success!

NRRRF Bioenergy Recovery Project – Alum Facility

CCI was low bidder & awarded Bid Package 11 on the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility’s Bioenergy project for the construction of the Alum Facility. This included upwards of 6,000 LF of chemical distribution piping, 2 ea. 22,000 gallon FRP tanks for aluminum sulfate storage, 4 ea. metering pumps, 1 transfer pump and associated electrical upgrades. Added via change order was approx. 1,500 LF of concrete encased medium voltage duct bank including hand holes & vaults.

West + Cabarrus

CCI was contracted by Clancy & Theys to perform the site utility work on this multi-family project for Kane Realty. That scope of work included water & sewer main replacements in West Cabarrus Street, Dupont Circle & Rosengarten Alley as well as domestic & fire services for the new development. The primary feature of this project however was the ~825 LF of new 10×6’ & 12×5’ precast box culvert that was required to relocate existing storm drain infrastructure out of the footprint of the new apartments & parking deck. This included several cast-in-place components as well as engineered shoring systems due to excavation widths and depths.

Pump Station 12 Force Main Replacement

In May 2018, CCI was awarded this project to replace approx. 5,000 LF of existing force main with a new 16” PVC line. The majority of the alignment was through downtown streets occupied by businesses and single family homes. Traffic control, communication and phasing of the work were key to reducing impacts to CFPUA’s customers. Also included on this job were a horizontal directional drill and various storm drain improvements throughout the project corridor.

US17 Regional Pump Station & Force Main

CCI’s first project with H2GO Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer consisted of the construction of a large, regional pump station and associated force main in Leland, NC. A new gravity sewer system that fed into this station was constructed under separate contract. The 1,260 GPM pump station consisted of duplex 70hp pumps set in a 12’ diameter wet well nearly 35’ deep, valve vault, a 12” electromagnetic flowmeter & MH, sampling MH and complete electrical system including an emergency generator. The roughly 11,000 LF of 12” force main required to tie into the existing WWTP included 289 LF of jack & bores and approx. 3,500 LF of horizontal directional drills. Key subcontractors on this project included Sandy’s Hauling & Backhoe, Razorback Boring, Pitt Electric and Dun-Right Services.

Air Release Valve Replacement

This project for Cape Fear Public Utility Authority involved replacing sewer air release valves on some of the largest force mains in and around downtown Wilmington. Under this contract, we replaced a total of 18 ARVs on force mains ranging in size from 8” to 24”. The majority of the replacements were on 20” & 24” PCCP and involved installation of new 6’ dia. manholes to house the new valve assemblies. Night work and the use of several line stops were necessary in order to isolate our work areas and facilitate ARV installation without interrupting sewer service. Most of the work was done on or near high volume City of Wilmington and NCDOT roadways which required extensive traffic control measures in addition to coordination with local agencies, include the NC Port Authority. Key subcontractors on this project included Dun-right Services and Team Industrial.

Sanitary Force Main Cleaning

After struggling with efficiency loss and increased cycle times at 3 of their wastewater pump stations, the Town of Cary contracted with CCI to undergo their first ever force main cleaning project. Before cleaning could commence, we had to install bypass connections at each station. These assemblies actually doubled as “pigging stations” which were required for the cleaning. The Progressive Pigging method was utilized to flush more than 15,000 LF of 6” & 8” force mains and combat the significant build-up in the lines. At one station alone, flow rates improved from 91 GPM before the cleaning to over 200 GPM after. Key subcontractors on this project were Montauk and Dun-Right Services.

616 Oberlin

616 Oberlin is a new project in Raleigh that when complete, will provide 207 residential units on prime real estate within walking distance of Cameron Village. CCI was selected as the site contractor for the project and is responsible for all erosion control, earthwork, site utilities, asphalt paving, curb & gutter, concrete sidewalks and paving, striping, signage and traffic control, including a multi-phased pedestrian control plan. Due to the site constraints and the amount of cast-in-place foundation walls splitting footprint of the building, the grading on this project had to be performed in multiple phases. An initial mass excavation produced approximately 20,000 CY of material – half of which was exported, while the other half was stockpiled onsite to eliminate import costs. The stockpile material will serve as backfill for the large foundation walls once complete. In order to provide a safe excavation for the concrete foundations to be installed, approximately 1400 SF of temporary shoring via a driven bar system was utilized on the northern boundary of the site. The water and sewer utilities serving the project required a total of 3 taps in Oberlin Road and another 3 in Daniels Street. Also associated with this project is an offsite sewer replacement on Smallwood Drive which will require both traffic control and by-pass pumping operations. Key subcontractors include Certified Concrete Construction, Gelder & Associates, Southeastern Erosion Control, Sides Seeding, Puryear Transport, Morrison Engineers and Boone Masonry.

The Gramercy

Scope of work for this project included mass excavation and grading, storm drain, water & sewer. The Gramercy is a new mixed-use development located on Glenwood South in Downtown Raleigh. The project provided 203 residential units with ground floor retail and restaurant space as well as a cast-in-place concrete parking deck. With the building’s design including basement parking, CCI was required to perform mass excavation and export of approximately 8,300 CY of material. Due to the building’s proximity to Glenwood Avenue, North Street and Boylan Avenue surrounding it, the excavation required an engineered shoring system to be installed. A small portion of this was achieved using the “beam and lag” method, but the remaining portions were shored using large precast blocks. CCI installed approximately 345 of the 2x2x8’ concrete blocks onsite. All of the utility work on this project involved working in the busy downtown streets, making production very slow and putting a premium on safety. Key subcontractors included Summit Coastal, Locklear Boring, Puryear Transport and Razorback Boring.

Garner SS Repair

This project was an emergency sewer replacement completed for the City of Raleigh. It was discovered through CCTV that a 235’ section of 8” DIP in the White Oak Commons shopping center in Garner was failing and needed immediate replacement. We worked with the City through several replacement options, but ultimately landed on a form of pipe bursting as the most cost effective. The specific method was “static pipe bursting” utilizing a cartridge-loaded restrained joint PVC pipe and was the first installation of its kind performed in Raleigh. This replacement option limited the footprint of our construction to 2 pits on the upstream and downstream end of the sewer line. This greatly reduced not only costs associated with traditional excavation and trenching, but also the subsequent asphalt removal and replacement. This was particularly critical in this application as the replacement occurred underneath an active parking lot. Pipe bursting was complete in one day and entire job took 6 days to complete.

Durham Unscheduled Pipeline Repair

This project was an emergency sewer replacement for the City of Durham completed under our “Unscheduled Pipeline Repair Contract.” It was discovered that the decades old 30” reinforced concrete pipe in one of Durham’s main sewer outfalls was failing and needed replacement ASAP. We mobilized within 3 weeks of notice and replaced approximately 1,200 LF of the concrete pipe with 30” SDR-21 PVC. The proximity of this portion of outfall to the Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant meant multiple lines converging with high flows and required 3 by-pass setups for the duration of our work. Due to the location of the outfall in a low lying creek-side area also entailed work in poor soils and the need for dewatering measures.