The Gramercy

Owner / GC

Choate Construction



Completed date

October 2016

Scope of work for this project included mass excavation and grading, storm drain, water & sewer. The Gramercy is a mixed-use development located on Glenwood South in Downtown Raleigh. The project provided 203 residential units with ground floor retail and restaurant space as well as a cast-in-place concrete parking deck. With the building’s design including basement parking, CCI was required to perform mass excavation and export of approximately 8,300 CY of material. Due to the building’s proximity to Glenwood Avenue, North Street and Boylan Avenue surrounding it, the excavation required an engineered shoring system to be installed. A small portion of this was achieved using the “beam and lag” method, but the remaining portions were shored using large precast blocks. CCI installed approximately 345 of the 2x2x8’ concrete blocks onsite. All of the utility work on this project involved working in the busy downtown streets, making production very slow and putting a premium on safety.