Garner SS Repair

Owner / GC

City of Raleigh - Public Utilities



Completed date

June 2016

Project Type


This project was an emergency sewer replacement completed for the City of Raleigh. It was discovered through CCTV that a 235’ section of 8” DIP in the White Oak Commons shopping center in Garner was failing and needed immediate replacement. We worked with the City through several replacement options, but ultimately landed on a form of pipe bursting as the most cost effective. The specific method was “static pipe bursting” utilizing a cartridge-loaded restrained joint PVC pipe and was the first installation of its kind performed in Raleigh. This replacement option limited the footprint of our construction to 2 pits on the upstream and downstream end of the sewer line. This greatly reduced not only costs associated with traditional excavation and trenching, but also the subsequent asphalt removal and replacement. This was particularly critical in this application as the replacement occurred underneath an active parking lot. Pipe bursting was complete in one day and entire job took 6 days to complete.