Neuse River Interim Pump Station Expansion

Owner / GC

City of Raleigh - Public Utilities



Completed date

January 2019

Project Type

Pump Station

CCI was awarded the contract from the City of Raleigh to handle several upgrades to one of the largest sewer pump stations in its system. The bulk of the new 24” piping, electrical and SCADA improvements were associated with the addition of a 4th 150 HP dry pit vertical solids handling pump to the existing triplex station. In order to complete this work, we were responsible for installing a permanent bypass assembly on the 36” discharge force main and completely bypassing the station which was designed to handle flows up to 21 MGD. In addition to the pump-related work, HVAC modifications, roof repairs, door replacement, structural repairs to the aluminum stairwell and cleaning of the wet well were also included.