Elliott Storage Design

In February of 2020, RAM Realty contracted Carolina Civilworks for the Elliot Storage Design a.k.a. Booker Creek Expansion & Greenway project. This job included complete site erosion control, earthwork, a constructed wetland, retaining walls, deep foundations, a pedestrian bridge and new greenway extension for the Town of Chapel Hill. Also included were various storm drain improvements, CIP concrete work and landscaping.

Phillips Place Slope Repairs

National home builder KB Home and their consultant – TerraTech Engineers – awarded CCI this project in the summer of 2017. We were tasked with repairing slopes in multiple locations of the Phillips Place neighborhood in Cary. The designated method of repair was the installation of several gabion walls to help prevent any future erosion concerns around the already occupied homes. The scope of work in our contract included misc. erosion control measures, grading, installation of 6 separate rip-rap gabion walls as well as replacement of homeowner’s sod & landscaping. Key subcontractors on this project included Southeastern Erosion Control & Southern Garden.

Finley Fields South

At CCI, we pride ourselves on our relationships with customers and believe that is evidenced by the amount of repeat business we are fortunate enough to see. This job at the University of North Carolina was no exception. We were contracted to deliver a complete site package to the owner for 2 new practice fields and associated structures to be utilized by the soccer and field hockey teams. Work included erosion control measures, clearing & grubbing, grading, domestic and irrigation water services, fencing, CIP concrete, landscaping and electrical. Also included were a masonry kick wall, elevated steel coaching platforms and a wood framed shelter. Key subcontractors on this project were Boone Masonry, Frye Fencing, Summit Coastal, Phase III Electric, Quate Industrial and Southeastern Erosion Control.

616 Oberlin

616 Oberlin is a new project in Raleigh that when complete, will provide 207 residential units on prime real estate within walking distance of Cameron Village. CCI was selected as the site contractor for the project and is responsible for all erosion control, earthwork, site utilities, asphalt paving, curb & gutter, concrete sidewalks and paving, striping, signage and traffic control, including a multi-phased pedestrian control plan. Due to the site constraints and the amount of cast-in-place foundation walls splitting footprint of the building, the grading on this project had to be performed in multiple phases. An initial mass excavation produced approximately 20,000 CY of material – half of which was exported, while the other half was stockpiled onsite to eliminate import costs. The stockpile material will serve as backfill for the large foundation walls once complete. In order to provide a safe excavation for the concrete foundations to be installed, approximately 1400 SF of temporary shoring via a driven bar system was utilized on the northern boundary of the site. The water and sewer utilities serving the project required a total of 3 taps in Oberlin Road and another 3 in Daniels Street. Also associated with this project is an offsite sewer replacement on Smallwood Drive which will require both traffic control and by-pass pumping operations. Key subcontractors include Certified Concrete Construction, Gelder & Associates, Southeastern Erosion Control, Sides Seeding, Puryear Transport, Morrison Engineers and Boone Masonry.

The Gramercy

Scope of work for this project included mass excavation and grading, storm drain, water & sewer. The Gramercy is a new mixed-use development located on Glenwood South in Downtown Raleigh. The project provided 203 residential units with ground floor retail and restaurant space as well as a cast-in-place concrete parking deck. With the building’s design including basement parking, CCI was required to perform mass excavation and export of approximately 8,300 CY of material. Due to the building’s proximity to Glenwood Avenue, North Street and Boylan Avenue surrounding it, the excavation required an engineered shoring system to be installed. A small portion of this was achieved using the “beam and lag” method, but the remaining portions were shored using large precast blocks. CCI installed approximately 345 of the 2x2x8’ concrete blocks onsite. All of the utility work on this project involved working in the busy downtown streets, making production very slow and putting a premium on safety. Key subcontractors included Summit Coastal, Locklear Boring, Puryear Transport and Razorback Boring.

SE Pressure Zone Elevated Tank

This project included full site development and utility work for new 1.5MG elevated storage tank in Durham. Work included demolition and abatement of existing house on tank site, clearing & grubbing, erosion control, earthwork, drainage and sidewalks. CCI was also responsible for the supply and overflow lines feeding the new tank. The supply line consisted of over 300 LF of factory restrained 16” and 24” DIP including butterfly valves and other appurtenances. The overflow drain line was comprised of 16” and 18” RCP and DIP. Key subcontractors included Advanced Concrete, Cecil Holcomb Renovations, Certified Concrete Construction, Nehrenz Enterprises and Southeastern Erosion Control.