Seaforth High School

Carolina Civilworks was contracted by New Atlantic to perform the water & sewer work on the new Seaforth High School project for the Chatham County Board of Education. Being that no City or County sewer was available, the biggest aspect of this project was the sanitary sewer system which not only treated & stored wastewater on-site, but also re-used some for irrigation of the athletic fields. Other features included a 7AC spray field and off-site water line work to connect to an existing main on US-64.

Neuse River Interim Pump Station Expansion

CCI was awarded the contract from the City of Raleigh to handle several upgrades to one of the largest sewer pump stations in its system. The bulk of the new 24” piping, electrical and SCADA improvements were associated with the addition of a 4th 150 HP dry pit vertical solids handling pump to the existing triplex station. In order to complete this work, we were responsible for installing a permanent bypass assembly on the 36” discharge force main and completely bypassing the station which was designed to handle flows up to 21 MGD. In addition to the pump-related work, HVAC modifications, roof repairs, door replacement, structural repairs to the aluminum stairwell and cleaning of the wet well were also included. Key subcontractors on this project were Bitting Electric and Shumate Mechanical.

US17 Regional Pump Station & Force Main

CCI’s first project with H2GO Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer consisted of the construction of a large, regional pump station and associated force main in Leland, NC. A new gravity sewer system that fed into this station was constructed under separate contract. The 1,260 GPM pump station consisted of duplex 70hp pumps set in a 12’ diameter wet well nearly 35’ deep, valve vault, a 12” electromagnetic flowmeter & MH, sampling MH and complete electrical system including an emergency generator. The roughly 11,000 LF of 12” force main required to tie into the existing WWTP included 289 LF of jack & bores and approx. 3,500 LF of horizontal directional drills. Key subcontractors on this project included Sandy’s Hauling & Backhoe, Razorback Boring, Pitt Electric and Dun-Right Services.

Sanitary Force Main Cleaning

After struggling with efficiency loss and increased cycle times at 3 of their wastewater pump stations, the Town of Cary contracted with CCI to undergo their first ever force main cleaning project. Before cleaning could commence, we had to install bypass connections at each station. These assemblies actually doubled as “pigging stations” which were required for the cleaning. The Progressive Pigging method was utilized to flush more than 15,000 LF of 6” & 8” force mains and combat the significant build-up in the lines. At one station alone, flow rates improved from 91 GPM before the cleaning to over 200 GPM after. Key subcontractors on this project were Montauk and Dun-Right Services.

Crabtree Creek PS Screw Repair

While results are always important, safety is paramount and that was certainly the case on this repair for the City of Raleigh. CCI was awarded the contract to replace missing and/or damaged flights & shrouds on several large screw pumps at the City’s Crabtree Creek Lift Station. Confined space, ventilation and access / egress were all issues that had to be addressed and constantly monitored to ensure worker safety. With the station on full sewer bypass, repairs were able to be made on four of the five 70 foot long screws in just 7 days. Pump station capacity was increased from 28MGD to 33MGD after work was complete.

Disinfection by Product Compliance

This job for Cape Fear Public Utility Authority involves work at 2 of their elevated storage tank sites in Wilmington. Both of the 1.5 million gallon Dawson Street and 17th Street tanks are experiencing the build-up of THMs during the hot summer months. To combat this problem, mixers with floating spray nozzles are being installed inside the actual tanks. To accommodate the new mechanical equipment on and inside the tanks, substantial electrical and SCADA work is also required. New precast concrete buildings were set at each site to house control panels, pull boxes and motor starters. Key subcontractors include Coastline Electric, Medora Corporation, Revere Controls, JENNS LLC, Southeastern Erosion Control, Smith-Carolina Corp and Summit Coastal.