Seaforth High School

Carolina Civilworks was contracted by New Atlantic to perform the water & sewer work on the new Seaforth High School project for the Chatham County Board of Education. Being that no City or County sewer was available, the biggest aspect of this project was the sanitary sewer system which not only treated & stored wastewater on-site, but also re-used some for irrigation of the athletic fields. Other features included a 7AC spray field and off-site water line work to connect to an existing main on US-64.

E.M. Johnson Sludge Thickener No. 4 Improvements

CCI was low bidder and awarded the improvements project for Sludge Thickener No. 4 at the City of Raleigh’s E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant. Besides construction of the brand new 50’ diameter cast-in-place concrete tank, this project also included replacement of transfer pumps & MCC, upgrades to the existing SCADA system, yard piping modifications, high performance coatings and renovation of an existing storage building into a break room for plant operations staff.

NRRRF Bioenergy Recovery Project – Alum Facility

CCI was low bidder & awarded Bid Package 11 on the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility’s Bioenergy project for the construction of the Alum Facility. This included upwards of 6,000 LF of chemical distribution piping, 2 ea. 22,000 gallon FRP tanks for aluminum sulfate storage, 4 ea. metering pumps, 1 transfer pump and associated electrical upgrades. Added via change order was approx. 1,500 LF of concrete encased medium voltage duct bank including hand holes & vaults.