HWY 33 / Logsboro Rd Sanitary Sewer Improvements
October 4, 2015
Garner SS Repair
August 3, 2016

Durham Unscheduled Pipeline Repair

This project was an emergency sewer replacement for the City of Durham completed under our “Unscheduled Pipeline Repair Contract.” It was discovered that the decades old 30” reinforced concrete pipe in one of Durham’s main sewer outfalls was failing and needed replacement ASAP. We mobilized within 3 weeks of notice and replaced approximately 1,200 LF of the concrete pipe with 30” SDR-21 PVC. The proximity of this portion of outfall to the Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant meant multiple lines converging with high flows and required 3 by-pass setups for the duration of our work. Due to the location of the outfall in a low lying creek-side area also entailed work in poor soils and the need for dewatering measures.